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Re: Venice evaluation

Re: Venice evaluation

Colin Elves

I had a quick look at the Venice files. Thank you for those!

I must say Geoff, Your methodology is fantastic: using the same chart and test image each time really takes out a lot of the variation and allows comparison with tests shot over a period of time.

The only thing is: looking at the Venice images, you have +5 stops to -5stops of range but the Alexa (for example) is +4 to -4

In the Venice I can see it clips at +5 but not +4.

Likewise I can see the Alexa doesn’t clip at +4. But I have no idea where it does clip! Is it +5 same as the Venice? or does it clip at +6 or +7 or...

As that makes quite a big difference, no? Certainly the Venice looks cleaner at -4 than the Alexa. But without know if the Alexa clips later we’re not comparing like with like. If the Alexa has more headroom and we rate it lower to match, it might well look cleaner 8 stops under clip than the Venice.

Or am I missing something? Is there a +5 clip from the Alexa somewhere?

I know Arri say the Alexa has 7.8 stops of latitude above middle grey @ ISO 800. Does anyone know what Sony says the clip point of the Venice is? I always think it’s harder for manufacturers to be ‘optimistic’ about the clip point - unlike all their other DR ratings?

Although I suppose you could work it out by checking the relative values of the mid grey and clipped white chips on the DSC chart.


Colin Elves
Director of Photography

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