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Re: Best Color settings Resolve for stills

Re: Best Color settings Resolve for stills

Kevin Shaw

Hi Dick

To optimise your project settings without unnecessary complications
Are you using color grades from the project, or just capturing from camera raw? 
If the material is already graded - what colourspace are those files?

You talk about the file formats, but not the colourspace, but it sounds like you are going to be dealing with slog/sgamut(cine) , LogC/AWG and possibly Dlog and some other odd ones.
In that case you should definitely use color managed - resolve or ACES. Either way you may need some custom input transforms

In Aces the timeline will be ACES cct. For resolve use the new resolve DI settings (eg the biggest space you can select - both are bigger than all the camera sources)

I would recommend that you do the grade in resolve, but use the color management to start with something as close to what you shot as possible

Set the display CMS output to your best display setting - probably P3 D65 Gamma 2.4 (dim room) or Gamma 2.2 (lit room) and export it as that. What you see is what you get
Lightroom recognises P3, if you scale it to Adobe RGB for delivery it will be P3 limited and look the same as it does on your display

Regarding ACES or Resolve CMS, I prefer ACES it might be easier to find Slog IDTs and things. But resolve CMS is more flexible for tone and gamut mapping. In this case you could sort by camera and use whichever CMS gives you the best result


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On 7 Feb 2022, at 12:50, Dick Harrewijin <ik@...> wrote:

Hello CML,

I'm a cinematographer and I'm trying to create the best stills from a project I've been a DOP for.
I'm working on stills selection from a project that I've shot as DOP. The stills will be published in a photo book so the best quality is key.
Stills selection is almost finished. Over 800 stills now. I'm planning to do some extra corrections in Lightroom on the tiff files.

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