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Re: VFX on Sony Venice: X-OCN XT or Raw?

Re: VFX on Sony Venice: X-OCN XT or Raw?

Emmanuel SUYS

Hello Miga, Hello Elvis,


Thanks for the input. That was also my understanding from reading some papers from Sony and other sources. Of course will follow whatever VFX  requires, just wanted to have some base before going to meeting. Testing is anyway planned, so will see what the final decision will end up to be.


Best regards from Upper Bavaria,






From: Miga Bär <barmiga@...>
In my experience X-OCN XT is absolutely sufficient for any type of VFX work, especially when shooting 5.7K..,

That being said, I would recommend to discuss with your VFX vendor what their experiences with the various X-OCN levels are and what their preference would be for this specific production.. ..

As far as I know there are no reasons left to shoot RAW SQ on a Sony Venice. I've never tested them against each other but have also never seen that X-OCN XT didn't have enough information to get the job done. 


From: Elvis Ripley <4@...>
Another vote for XOCN ST being great. Did a show and tested with VFX company, ST was plenty. We shot full sensor 3:2 so VFX had more scene information for tracking.  



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