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Re: V-LOG to BT.2020 Conversion LUT

Re: V-LOG to BT.2020 Conversion LUT

Nick Shaw

The main question is what you want to transform to and how. V-Log is a transfer function (curve) normally paired with V-Gamut primaries. It is a scene-referred encoding. BT.2020 specifies a set of display primaries, and may be paired with various EOTFs (display curves) - ST.2084 (PQ), HLG, or an SDR EOTF (normally 2.4 gamma). 

So you need to define which of these you need. And once you have, there is still no one “right” way to transform to it. ACES is the only open standard way to to do it. But there are many other options - DaVinci DRT, FilmLight T-Cam, etc, as well as camera manufacturer specific transforms. 

So it’s not just a question of what software to use. It’s a question of what you want to do, which is both a technical and creative choice. 

Sorry if I’m adding to your confusion!

Nick Shaw
Workflow Consultant

On 8 Oct 2022, at 17:42, Ulf Soderqvist <malibuswede@...> wrote:

Not a Mac person. I see there are a bunch of LUT generator apps out there. Question is how accurate and professional.

Ulf Soderqvist
Director/Director of Photography

On Sat, Oct 8, 2022, 1:39 AM Nezih Savaşkan via cml.news <nez=videosoul.co.uk@...> wrote:
Could you generate one with LUTCalc?



Nezih Savaşkan
Director of Photography + Camera Operator

Ulf Soderqvist
DP/ Oak Harbor, WA

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