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Re: Vectorscopes of various cameras

Re: Vectorscopes of various cameras

Nick Shaw

On 11 Dec 2017, at 07:46, Geoff Boyle <geoff.cml@...> wrote:

In ACES in Resolve with just the relevant IDT applied, contrast set to .85 and colour centred with offset.

I have always thought that there was an issue with the S-Log3 IDT in Resolve (and reported it to the Resolve team) which results in the skew you see on the F55 and F65 vectorscope images. I have converted the official Sony S-Gamut3.CIne/S-Log3 IDT into DCTL (see here on my website) and using this does not show the same skew.

Geoff, I will send you my DCTL off list so you can compare.

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