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Re: Vectorscopes of various cameras

Re: Vectorscopes of various cameras

Art Adams <art.cml.only@...>

Red is slightly off in all cameras?

Without seeing parade RGB or what the chart looked like it's hard to know if the cameras are perfectly white balanced.

The Alexa red is a little on the cool side, which is what I would expect, but the Canons and Sonys are as well. Canon reds often lean toward yellow/green, so that seems odd. Sony reds are neutral to warm. My guess is the light source was a little cooler than the cameras were expecting.

Based on the linear smeariness around blue in all cameras I'm guessing this was a roughly tungsten light source.
Cyan is not able to get to a saturation point in the Sonys?

We have no idea if the scopes have any gain applied. Geoff says he took the saturation down to .85 or something like that. And cameras never put cyan in the target. My guess is that, like human vision, there's not enough overlap between the dyes to saturate it much.

Also, modern cameras don't put the colors near the boxes anyway as that's way too saturated for modern tastes. Sonys will in Rec 709 mode, but nobody uses that. (I hope nobody uses that.)

The F55 and F65 look very wrong. There's no way that much smear in blue would result in acceptable images. I've never seen that before. It's got to be an error somewhere.

Art Adams
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