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Camera evaluations C200, EVA & Ursa MP

Camera evaluations C200, EVA & Ursa MP

Geoff Boyle

OK, I'll be doing this evaluation in stages.

  1. This post which includes links to RAW or Highest quality possible QT files from each camera of resolution and various colour charts.
    All cameras are in the same position with the same lens and lit with a Fill-Lite 200
    All cameras were auto white balanced on the Abel-Cine resolution chart. Focus was first on auto and then checked manually on a Convergent Design Odyssey with focus assist activated.
  2. I'll post location footage shot with the cameras in various situations these will be web compressed at 4K
  3. I'll post my unvarnished opinions of the cameras and whether I'd use them and if so what for!

The test files are here bear in mind that they're camera originals and therefore very large files.

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