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Re: Camera evaluations C200, EVA & Ursa MP

Re: Camera evaluations C200, EVA & Ursa MP

Colin Elves

The EVA wasn’t available then and I’m doing the current tests at home and don’t have enough light available to do these.
Oh. That’s a shame! I’ve shot Over-Under tests for the EVA1 at home as well. I can share the files with you if you like, but I’m not sure how comparable they will be - it’s just my fat face with an old Gretamacbeth chart, a TLS focus chart and a can of coke and Sprite (to indicate colour accuracy) - shot on an old Canon FD.

But I can make the files available if people want. Or I’m happy to duplicate your tests if someone can help sort the right lenses and charts! (Currently I’m in Berlin)

Merry Christmas big man!

Colin Elves,
DP, Berlin/London.

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