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Re: Apple ProRes Raw and Raw HQ

Re: Apple ProRes Raw and Raw HQ


I was on the Atomos call at bit earlier today, so a few things that I picked up.


ProRes RAW bit depth depends upon what the camera sends out. So for Varicam it would be 14 bit, for Sony FS it would be 12 bit, etc etc


Jeromy also intimated that Atomos will be the only recorder that will encode ProRes RAW “for a while.” That implies to me (note, my interpretation here) that Convergent-Design, etc are frozen out for the moment.


I would also expect that Resolve 15 would support ProRes RAW but I have no direct information from BMD that I can share.


They were showing the AJA IO 4K box for output of HDR to reference monitor which doesn’t surprise me since in an earlier test with FCP X 10.4 and HDR coming from a Decklink 12G Extreme 4K to HDR monitor via SDI, I could not successfully output HDR signal. Atomos told me at that point that only the AJA box would work dependably. Note, however, that the same HLG footage brought into Resolve and processed accordingly would output properly.


There will be Apple people in the Atomos booth at NAB so I’m looking forward to a closer look and more technical details, particularly when it comes to workflow.


Ned Soltz


NewBay Media


Teaneck, NJ

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