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Re: Camera evaluations C200, EVA & Ursa MP

Re: Camera evaluations C200, EVA & Ursa MP


I Would also include in an eventual new test, the KODAK MAX8 camera (it should be available first Quarter 2018) and five stocks:
7219 Vision3 500T (ECN-2) - 50 feet
7217 Vision3 200T (ECN-2) - 50 feet
7203 Vision3 50D (ECN-2) - 50 feet
Ektachrome 100D (E6) - 50 feet
Fujifilm Provia 100F (E6) - 50 feet
The proposed Digital Film workflow would be as follow: 2.5K scanning with a DFT Scanity HDR (DPX RGB 16-bit),  uncompressed workflow within Snell Advanced Media Quantel RIO to grade with (Printer) "Lights" and apply NeatVideo OFX plug-in. ACES workflow also possible using an ADXtoACES 3D LUT. 

Best regards,

Daniel Henríquez Ilic
Post-Producer / Technical Consultant
Fotoquímica Films SpA
Santiago de Chile
+56 975543323


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