Re: Apple ProRes Raw and Raw HQ

Mitch Gross

On Apr 7, 2018, at 2:03 AM, alister@... wrote:

I think this is a huge deal that will really shake up the entire video production world.

While I agree that ProRes RAW is a pretty terrific opportunity to “bring RAW to the masses” let’s all make sure not to get too carried away. ProRes RAW may be (Apple) processor friendly, don’t forget that the files are still something like three to four times the size of something like AVC-Ultra or All-I codecs. And they’re approaching 10 times the size of a high quality LongGOP. 

I think ProRes RAW is a great development. It will certainly make RAW workflow more accessible to many and will likely become a standardized deliverable to post just like video ProRes files are today. But no matter how fine a steak you may cook, sometimes a great cheeseburger is what’s called for. 

Mitch Gross
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