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Re: Next round of tests, what do you want?

Re: Next round of tests, what do you want?

Mako Koiwai <mako1foto@...>

Please add that FujiFilm X-H1. With it’s Super35 sensor, F-Log, Eterna Look Option, In-Body Image Stabilization, Phase Detection AF with their superb native lenses.

PL to FX mount adapter:  

Btw. Sigma reports that there are now 2,000 different Lens > Camera adapters on the market! Thanks to mirrorless cameras that can basically use every lens ever made!

One of the cool things about FujiFilm still camera’s is their Added Value Firmware Updates. Instead of holding back new features for their next model camera, they offer Firmare updates with new features and performance upgrades. Most recently they added Focus Stacking and Flicker Reduction. They also upgrade lens AF performance.

Attached is a still Focus Stacking experiment. About 20 images taken with a 56 mm, at F1.4, allowing 200 iso and handheld exposures at 1/2,900 th of a second. It probably took a bit over a second to take all 20 images, using the electronic shutter option and Auto Focus Stacking. I did not crop out the edges, so one could see the amount of movement during the shots. This technique would allow the use of low ISO and foliage freezing exposure times in low light Landscape photography, for remarkable quality. Helicon Focus software makes auto assemble of the images very easy and fast. Simpler then using Photoshop.

Makofoto, FujiFilm camera evangelist, S. Pasadena, Ca

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