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Re: HDR mastering monitorsing dering for a buy this year, or

Re: HDR mastering monitorsing dering for a buy this year, or

Kevin Shaw

I’ll summarise my experience with HDR screens

AFAIK Dolby approve monitors for Dolby Vision rather than certify them as such. 
The Sony x300, and Eizo CG3145 are both approved for Dolby Vision mastering. 
They are quite different technologies as has been pointed out, but both rated at 1000 nits though the Eizo has no dimming. Of the two, my preference is the Eizo which is easier to use and better  to calibrate (I have calibrated both). The Sony is definitely not calibrated out of the box - typically the white point color temperature is too high and the blacks a bit low. 

Dolby Monitors are not available to buy (but very nice to work on)

The FSI xm310k is stunning and much better than either of the above (at least twice as bright), but not yet shipping and quite a bit more expensive

The FSI XM65OU is a very nice monitor but because of its WOLEDs is not approved for Dolby Vision, and I accept Steve's comments on using it for HDR mastering. I would recommend it over the Panasonic TX-65EZ952B but it is more expensive. The FSI xm65OU, and Panasonic TX-65EZ952B are really better as QC monitors rather than critical mastering. 

The LG OLED 65C8 needs a  LUT box and HDR flag capable input device such as AJA Hi5 4k plus to do what these monitors do (they are all white OLED) but I am not saying it is in the same ball park, just it is an option. 

For about the same or less than the LG  combo, and still less than the FSI XM65 and Panny TX, you could look at Eizo CG318-4k which supports HLG and PQ, but is only 350 nits, so definitely not a mastering monitor.

For the record I agree with Phil's blog, but it is only fair to point out that he works for a company that sells Eizo. 

Bottom line, it is expensive to get into HDR mastering, and no one knows how long it will be before the prices tumble.
Postium showed a very nice 31” 4k 1000 nit display at NAB, but it cost the same as the FSI xm310k, making the FSI desirable and great value!
Canon, Atomos and Boland also come up in conversation and they have their uses, but in my mind they are better on set than in the grade. Just my opinion, don’t hate me for that.

My 2 cents anyway

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On 30 May 2018, at 14:00, Dado Valentic <dado@...> wrote:

Also the only screens that can be used for Dolby mastering are those made by Dolby.

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