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Re: HDR mastering monitorsing dering for a buy this year, or

Re: HDR mastering monitorsing dering for a buy this year, or

Joseph Goldstone <jgoldstone@...>

On May 30, 2018, at 8:31 AM, Kevin Shaw <kevs@...> wrote:
For about the same or less than the LG  combo, and still less than the FSI XM65 and Panny TX, you could look at Eizo CG318-4k which supports HLG and PQ, but is only 350 nits, so definitely not a mastering monitor.

Is it possible you meant the recently-announced CG319X here, instead of the CG318-4K?

I have the latter, which did not ship with PQ and HLG support, and there is no firmware update on the EIZO site that could enable it (assuming such a capability could even be added as a firmware upgrade). For me, for R&D work, the CG318-4K is a great monitor, but at 350 nits I would not call it HDR. 

On the other hand, the CG319X is listed on their website as being new, and it does claim to support HLG and PQ. But it’s hard to call this an HDR monitor either; even the UHD Alliance Premium Certification provision for less-bright HDR monitors “not 1000 nits, but really deep blacks” can’t be used to make it HDR either: that path requires 540 nits and an ability to go down to 0.0005 nits. (The more-bright path to UHDA PC requires 1,000 nits but only requires you to go down to 0.05 nits.)

I think we’ll see monitors casually mentioning their HDR-ness much as we saw monitors casually mentioning their Rec2020-ness, when what was really happening with the latter was that the monitor would accept a Rec2020-encoded signal, not that the monitor could accurately display all valid Rec2020-encoded values.


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