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Re: HDR mastering monitorsing dering for a buy this year, or

Re: HDR mastering monitorsing dering for a buy this year, or

Kevin Shaw

Quote: Hi Nick, instead of the AJA Hi5 4k plus, are there any similarly priced options from BlackMagic?

Hi George 
that was me, Kevin, not Nick :-) Sorry for the Shaw confusions

There are no similar boxes from BMD, but these still work with Resolve. The AJA hi5 is an SDI to HDMI convertor, so you output your BMD card into the AJA and all is good

The other device I know of is the HDFury, which is cheaper and a bit more fiddly. The HDFury is an HDMI splitter and again that can be fed from a BMD card for resolve support

BMD and resolve can send the HDR flag, but currently only in ultrastudio 4k extreme 3 because it requires HDMI 2.0

Regarding the LG C8 - Steve would know better than I, but yes they are quite easy to calibrate, but they have limitations as has been discussed.

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