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Re: Dolby Vision and HDR

Re: Dolby Vision and HDR

Bob Kertesz

Hello, Robert. I have a question about Dolby Vision.

Can you point out a streaming series or two on Netflix (only streaming service I have) or any UHD Blu Rays that you/Dolby consider to be noteworthy examples of the use of Dolby Vision? I have a calibrated LG 65E6 set on which to display them.



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On 11/29/2017 4:31 AM, Carroll, Robert wrote:


Ian Lowe in Dolby’s Soho office is the contact for you. He is copied here.


You can get an on-line tutorial of the Dolby Vision mastering workflow here:



I’m also glad to answer any questions you have. On CML or off!




Robert Carroll

Senior Director

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im trying to get my head around Dolby Vision and understanding the differences between Dolby Vision and HDR, what the pros and cons are, and the fundamental differences. I’m aware that Dolby Vision utilises HDR but if there are any links that may explain further and clearly I’d appreciate a heads up.
many thanks

dirk Nel DOP
london based

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