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Re: Noise reduction in Red’s IPP2

Re: Noise reduction in Red’s IPP2

Paul Curtis

On 24 Dec 2017, at 19:58, Art Adams <art.cml.only@...> wrote:
If the scaling from 7K to UHD went wrong, and resulted in a resolution loss of 50%, then we should expect to see the chart show problems in the range between 2.6K and 3K.
Depends where it was scaled. I notice in photoshop for example it doesn't offer any decent scaling in 32 bit mode. If you take the EXR and convert it to 8 bit and scale that then you get a similar resolution to the F65, maybe more.

In reality 8K acquisition is destined for 4K delivery, so a 50% scale with a decent algorithm will yield sublime results and is a fair real world test.

Merry Christmas everyone!


Paul Curtis, VFX & Post | Canterbury, UK

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