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Re: Noise reduction in Red’s IPP2

Re: Noise reduction in Red’s IPP2

Rakesh Malik

I haven't done a direct comparison, because I've been too busy shooting. :)
That said, I have submitted some stills shot in stills mode as well as pulled from motion pictures to stock sites and art galleries, and they're getting as good a reception as what I've been capturing with my A7R... but the Red images have more dynamic range and less noise.

Not that either is a low light camera by any means. I've gotten good results at ISO 3200 with it, but I generally keep it rated at ISO 800. 

My workflow has usually been to export a frame from RCX-Pro after normalizing it, and then do everything else in my image editing software, and that includes noise reduction, though honestly I haven't needed it that often. It's not a low light camera by any means. 


On Sun, Dec 24, 2017 at 5:41 AM, Colin Elves <colin@...> wrote:

I'm finding that when everything's executed well, I can get pretty much the same resolution and detail as with my A7R, though the Helium has nicer color before grading when using IPP2.

Ah, now that’s interesting! Have you done a direct comparison? Same lens/stop/subject (ideally a focus chart)? 

I’m not a 100% sure if having the option NR settings in the Raw control panel is quite the same as there being no other noise reduction elsewhere in the image chain. 

I’m assuming there’s already a separate process for dealing with Fixed Pattern Noise. So there’s no reason why there might not be others. 

Colin Elves

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