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Re: Meters and more

Re: Meters and more

Mark Weingartner, ASC

Nothing wrong with using a still camera if it floats your boat - as I’ve said I’ve used one for thirty years, first polaroid than DSLR…
but it doesn’t replace my meters, it augments them.

A number of Clouds in Apocalypto came from my Nikon D70 as a matter of fact, and lots and lots of matte paintings and textures on the films I work on come from Canon 5Ds - but none of those still cameras replaces an incident meter in my process.   If I drop the meter I can use the camera in a pinch… 

I’m not sure why you are so anti-light meter here - it is a previsualization tool that works really well - the user needs to understand how to integrate that information into the whole scheme of things but that is equally true when using a digital still camera.

To get back to where this started for the many of us who scout and light with meters, understanding what Geoff is going through with the Arri lights is good information to have, not a reason to change the way we work to another way to work that still requires understanding offsets but also requires checking to make sure the shutter setting or iris hasn’t slipped and doesn’t give us an incident solution.

I don’t insist that anybody learn to use a light meter, but as a gaffer I lived by mine and any gaffer working for me has to live by his or hers.
You’re aren’t going to “win” an argument based on the premise that we should all give up our light meters because digital still cameras have arrived.  

Incidentally I also carry both a compass and a GPS…  because the compass never runs out of batteries unlike both my phone and my GPS.  

Mark Weingartner, ASC
LA based but usually shooting elsewhere
(But I’ve already done two shoots in Los Angeles this year!)

On 10Jul, 2018, at 13:09 10, Noel Sterrett <noel@...> wrote:

So "offsets" are fine with a meter, but not with a full frame 4K 24P "DSLR" camera which also produces images which can and often are intercut with "motion picture" cameras?

I routinely "offset" cameras ranging from DSRL to Cinealta. In fact, I could describe my entire experience with cameras as one big "offset".


On 07/10/2018 03:48 PM, Mark Weingartner, ASC via Cml.News wrote:
so if I wont be totally accurate - I will generally use a meter (with offsets I understand if necessary)


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