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Re: Meters and much more

Re: Meters and much more

Mako Koiwai <mako1foto@...>

On Jul 10, 2018, at 13:33, Mark Weingartner, ASC via Cml.News <vfxmark=me.com@...> wrote:

Nothing wrong with using a still camera if it floats your boat


I was shooting the transitional pieces for RED DAWN … mainly Aspens turning color.

Fabulous late afternoon. A storm was coming in. The Sky was almost Black making the Golden Aspens pop out perfectly. Just needed a reading … and my Sekonic needle is stuck. I pulled out my still camera and got my reading.

First shots up at our very first dailies. Five camera crews for the beginning invasion sequence. Dp Ric Waite stands up and gives me a big shout out ….  :-)

makofoto, s. pasadena, ca
Officially the lead 2nd AC on that film! I also shot all of the footage of planes flying over head, including the impromptu barrel roll by a BIG Ole F-111 … checking out one of our battle sequences.

THIS light meter. Might explain why it stuck.  :-). (Of course I had it repaired after this incident!)

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