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Re: Meters and more

Re: Meters and more

Mark Weingartner, ASC

Point taken, but unlike a GPS a compass won't tell you your position

My experience has been that if I know where I am on the earth within a fairly large area I can predict where the sun will be at what time using a compass and rather simple data I can carry folded up in my pocket thanks to Sunpath.   If I need to know my exact location I can look on the call sheet:-)  My little Suunto box compass also has a sighting clinometer built into it in case I break my normal clinometer and the whole thing is tiny and light.

I love all the modern advantages that electronica have given us but I like simple lightweight things that always work also… so I carry both to the job but don’t wander around with everything on my person all the time.

I bought a very cool GPS for a job in Africa that has a camera in it too and geostamps the pics - really handy for scouting and works well from inside a helicopter.
Eats batteries like crazy though.

Once you are out of batteries it’s just something you have to lug around.


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