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Re: RAW evaluations and graded versions

Re: RAW evaluations and graded versions

Daniel RozsnyĆ³

But it is worth noting that ffmpeg is free, open-source, runs on Windows, and can encode Prores. I have used it for this purpose to encode both Prores LT and Prores 422 on Windows.
And yet none of its three ProRes codec implementations would pass the Apple's strict quality standards. Apple does rightfully stand against using ffmpeg here:


While the decoding process is correct in ffmpeg, in the encoding there are things which make up the quality (you could see that in H264 vs X264, which was constantly improved), such work on open-source ProRes ENCODER did not happen due to small target audience / interested developers. So the way
ffmpeg does encoding into prores is either a bad approach on some codecs or an average "will do the job if the scene is not extreme" .

Official and approved products have just better encoding quality due to having the secret sauce from the fruit garden :)

Daniel Rozsnyo
camera developer
Prague, Czech Republic

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