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HDR and camera evaluations

HDR and camera evaluations

Geoff Boyle

I’ve only had a quick look at this but I thought that you’d like to see the preliminary results…


I’ve only looked at the Alexa so far, I’m using Resolve in ACEScct and the only grade I’m doing is a timeline colour balance to make the T16 Kodak Grey neutral.


Viewing is an Eizo CG318 which is 31” 4K and HDR 350, however it can simulate PQ1000.


With the ODT set to 709 and the monitor to 709/1886


Best overall look is at T16


Highlight retention is T11


Shadow detail is T32


With the ODT set to Rec 2020 ST2084 1000 P3 gamut clip and the monitor set to PQ1000


Best overall look is T11


Highlight retention is T2.8/T4 split


Shadow is still T32


With the ODT set to Rec 2020 and the monitor set to HLG


Highlight Retention is T8


Shadows still T32


The simple answer is that, bearing in mind the best overall image on screen, HDR has one stop more useable shadow detail and two and a half stops more highlight detail.


Or, three and a half more stops which kinda agrees with the numbers, rec 709 100nits, HDR 1000nits


Visually the difference is stunning.




Geoff Boyle NSC FBKS





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