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Curves and Bit Depth - was Sigma fp

Noel Sterrett

On 12/26/20 10:12 PM, Daniel Rozsnyó wrote:
The whole issue with uncompressed workflow (or the thing which killed it at classic vendors) was the absurd price of branded media ...
I paid $2,120 for 512 GB Sony AXS media ~ $4/GB. It was a ridiculous price even then. USB-c SSD media for the Sigma fp is $220 for 2,000 GB ~ $0.11/GB.

On 12/26/20 10:43 PM, Rakesh Malik wrote:
Again, there is zero value in uncompressed raw in this day and age.
Compression does not improve images. It is used to save money. In this day and age, storage has become so small, fast and cheap, that it is a viable option. And there is no doubt that when it comes to image quality, uncompressed is best.

On 12/27/20 2:47 AM, Pawel Achtel ACS wrote:
The beauty of uncompressed RAW is in that it doesn’t require much GPU processing in-camera.
Which is why the Sigma fp can be so small.