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Data offload costs (was Curves and Bit Depth - was Sigma fp)


Interestingly by default if I’m supplying drives I’ll now just supply SSDs (either T5 or Sandisk).  When clients baulk at the cost I just send them the difference in time to offload a card to SSD and to spinning drives - and then the cost of an hours overtime for the crew that would have to wait around.   

Although what usually gets them is that they won’t be able to leave until the data is offloaded.   Once they have seen they can go home quicker with SSDs it’s never usually an issue afterwards.

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On 28 Dec 2020, at 10:08, Bruce Allen <boacinema@...> wrote:

It’s NOT yet standard for producers to buy a stack of ultra-fast M.2 SSD drives (in triplicate). And that’s what you need for a proper backup strategy with very high data rates.

Bruce Allen

Michael I 100% agree on the joy of Samsung T5 or similar SSDs (more drop-proof than drives too!) and how they pay for themselves and delight people.

I use multiple 860 EVOs which are decent, inexpensive, and offer 4TB capacity. Then I put them in cheap lightweight translucent cases that soothe airport security because they can see what they are.

I believe T5 and 860 series get around 500MB/sec...

Hopefully we soon move to the 2000MB/sec ones built on faster PCIe not SATA technology - just need them to be cheaper. Then Pawel's uncompressed dream perhaps can become reality... of course we'd also need nice big 16TB or 32TB drives. I easily blow through 4TB / day on Alexa LF.

Bruce Allen
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Guy Mastrion

I just had a discussion last night with a producer after spending a few hours baby sitting nearly a full TB download with more on the way. Would have been so much more efficient and less expensive to ship an SSD drive. I’m shooting a few scenes tomorrow as an insert for a public relations piece then pulling various sources files into an edit and shipping back to the producer.  I’ve got a couple of fresh SSD’s coming in today to ship the project on once complete.

Guy Mastrion
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