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Clients and monitors (was Venice evaluation)

David Fuller

I’ve done that as well. Not fun. And then graded it back when he looked at it on his office computer the next morning. 

I’ve taken to asking clients to look at work on an iPad, because at this point it seems like the most reliable screen an art director is likely to have.

David Fuller
Director, Cinematographer
Maine, USA


On Mar 26, 2018, at 3:42 PM, Gavin Greenwalt <im.thatoneguy@...> wrote:

The real problem is that no matter how well educated you become or how well calibrated you are, in my experience all that matters is how it looks on the random corporate issued laptop that the Creative Director reviews it on.   We literally had to regrade a piece once because a VP of marketing saw it on air on his home TV and decided the blacks were too dark!