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cmltests.net is back up

CML Admin <admin@...>

I’ve moved all the zip files to a goggle drive folder and checked that they will not block us.


The website reflects these changes.


Because I don’t trust any of these big companies not to lie to me I’m adding a secondary download system and the website will be updated to reflect this later today when I have finished uploading all the files to it. I have a clear and simple contract here that says I have 5TB of download per month.


If we still run out of bandwidth I can add additional 5TB blocks but you, yes YOU, will have to pay the $150 per year that this costs.


I will add as many additional 5TB blocks as YOU will pay for 😊




Of course if you can persuade a company to sponsor us that already doesn’t and that thinks sponsoring CML is more important that a patio for the ASC then please point them at…




I will use all that is needed from any new sponsorship to add download bandwidth.





Geoff Boyle NSC FBKS