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Easy Rig Standard or 5" Arm? Was "Easy Rig Alternatives"


Hey all,

Following up on this thread-- I've determined I'll be buying a new EasyRig and not a knockoff (self-fulfilled prophecy).  But now I'm faced with the decision of purchasing the standard or 5" arm.  This is primarily for handheld camera operation, but I suppose I don't want to rule out the ability to support a gimbal when or if called for.  Any camera ops out there handholding with the 5" arm?  Happy with that extra 5" out there above and in front of you?  Knocked anyone out yet?  I'm pretty sure the cable stop can be moved back to make it comfortable for handholding, right?

Many thanks,

Eric Liner
Producer, Cinematographer
607.254.2191 (office) 607.227.0350 (cell)


Daniel Colmenares

I'd go with the 5" version. Even when handheld without a gimbal I find I often use the easyrig to place the camera at hip level (or just above it) and having the extra room helps with positioning the camera where I want it. 

Daniel Colmenares
Cinematographer - Los Angeles