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Gemini Man

Geoff Boyle

I saw this movie in Dolby Cinema HFR yesterday. I wouldn’t have normally gone to a movie like this, it’s one I may have watched on Netflix but in this case I wanted to check out the technology.


I’ll get to HFR in a moment but first I didn’t have the issues with CG that most reviewers seem to have had. I though that the younger Will Smith was well done. Yes, in a few sequences he looked a bit odd but they were sequences that even with a “real” actor would probably have looked odd because they were so unreal in terms of action.


The HDR was great, Dolby Cinema rarely fails to impress me.


The 3D was way too much, disparity was far too much and as a result the 3D was exaggerated and uncomfortable.


The HFR, I tried to find out whether it was 60 or 120 and was told it was 120, was awful. It looked like BBC studio TV uprezzed from HD to 4K in terms of sharpness and overall look. Just awful.


A side effect was that I ended up suffering motion sickness. After any sequence with fast moving action and/or fast tilts/pans I felt distinctly queasy and particularly after the bike chase sequence was sweating in the way that you do just before you vomit.


I would have left then but I felt that I should try and stick it out to see if I could! Luckily this was the worst sequence and I didn’t hurl on the people in front of me.


My advice, wait to see it on Netflix where it will be an average thriller.


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