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Matching Panasonic GZ2000 & Sony X300 or any other OLED & HDR screen

Dado Valentic

A few weeks ago I was test driving one of the first production models of Panasonic FZ2000 HDR OLED screens and wanted it to be calibrated and matched to my reference monitor Sony BVM X300.

As I am not the biggest fan of doing calibration myself,  we had Marcel Gonska from Portrait Displays / Calman do the calibration for us. It was such a pleasure to watch him perfectly match these two monitors in the shortest possible time. I could not resist but record what he was doing and also invite him to be our guest in our webinar.
I have been doing webinars for a small group of around 350 pro colorists from around the world as a way to expand on the classes I teach. We will learn not only about calibration but also about interesting laws of perception and how to work around them to make two screens match.

You can register for the webinar by clicking on the button below




Full disclosure: I have a years-long history of working with Panasonic as a colorist and color scientist

Leonard Levy

Dedo, Unless I missed somethings you neglected to say what city this seminar was taking place in. Sure didn’t look like San Francisco Skyline though.

Leonard Levy DP
San Rafael, CA 

Dado Valentic

Hi Leonard,

It is an online webinar. I am based in LA  ;-)



Steve Shaw

I'll be really interested to see how any WOLED can be calibrate for accurate HDR.
With the inherent non-additive nature of WOLEDs it is technically just not possible.
(They can do SDR with a high resolution 3D LUT, but not HDR)

Dolby exclude any WOLED from being accepted for Dolby HDR grading due to this issue.
(Lack of volumetric colour capability.)

See: https://www.dolby.com/us/en/technol...Best_Practices_facility_certificationV1.2.pdf
(section 6. Assess Additivity of Display.)

To easily see the issue just profile with LightSpace, and look at the RGB Separation graph.
(See: https://www.lightillusion.com/error.html#hdr_volume)

And that is before we get into the issues with tone mapping/roll-of, which is inherent in home PQ HDR TVs.
Is there an option to disable that with the GZ2000?
(I really hope so.)