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OnSet ACES emulation LUTs

Geoff Boyle

I’ve updated all of these and added a 4th variant, my personal favourite.


This compensates for overexposing by a stop.


Set your camera to the recommended EI and your meter to half that. The monitor will show the “Correct” image. These have the Kodak correction built in as well.


Very clean images.





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Geoff Boyle

Just a thought, these are all for rec709.
Does anyone want 1000 nit pq 2084 versions?
Or hlg...


Mako Koiwai <mako1foto@...>

HLG is becoming interesting, as it is now offered on my Fujifilm X-T3. I’m shooting an outreach video for the Audubon Society using it.

I just had a scary moment when I first imported HLG footage into FCPX. It was extremely contrasty! And I got a warning that I needed an HDR monitor to properly view the footage ... which I don’t own, yet.

I didn’t realize that in Prefernces I needed to Select:  “Show HDR as raw values.”

Makofoto, s. pasadena, ca