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[spam] Re: [cml-raw-log-hdr] What charts do we use?

Mark Lamble


Re Testing in general, your tests your call, re charts, setup and lighting. Testing is all about you asking "questions" of cameras and gear and there in no right or wrong way to test so long as you are happy the tests you devise will answer your questions. It is a lot like asking how long is a piece of string? In the end it just comes down to personal choices to answer any individuals questions about the gear we use, be it cameras, lenses or lights.

So long as the methodology is transparent and explained, it will be up to each member of CML to draw their own conclusions from your tests in ways that they find relevant to their work.  I find the bickering and many of the comments pre and post your tests to be tedious to say the least.  I truly appreciate viewing the material from your CML tests.  Why because it is not possible for a small player like myself  to assemble the range of cameras like you can do via the CML platform.  (and frankly many of us are just too lazy to even try)

Good luck, hope your testing days go well and I look forward to viewing the results in time.

Mark Lamble ACS DP Evolve Films Woodend Australia

On 19-Jun-18 3:26 PM, Geoff Boyle wrote:


All of these people will see different things and take different things away from the evaluations.


They may well be interested in TV judgements, I am not.


I am interested in what the cameras are capable of doing, full stop.


I’m interested in the pictures.