ALEXA Xt Plus - Loaded w/ XR Media + All Licenses - $28,000


Selling a very well cared for Alexa XT Plus. Camera has passed inspection at ARRI Burbank with no issues. Sensor calibration test also came out accurate. Pristine condition, everything works great.
Hours are a bit high, but the camera was upgraded from an original XT to XT Plus about 1000 hours ago, so a lot of the internals are actually a lot younger than the hour meter would indicate.

Includes ALL Licenses (anamorphic / high speed / open gate) and 4 XR Codex Capture Drives (512GB). Includes a flight case and many other options. See below for full list.

Located in LA

See photos here:

ARRI ALEXA XT Plus K1.71300.0-6543 - 4,332 Hours
 1 ALEXA electronic viewfinder EVF-1 K2.72008.0-5311

 1 Viewfinder Mounting Bracket -VMB-3 K2.74001.0
 1 Top Handle K2.72007.0-CCH-1
 1 Top Handle Extension K2.720150-HEB-2
1 Sliding Base Plate
 1 ARRI Bridge plate BP-12 K2.72004.0
 4 XR Capture Drive 512 k2.48837.0
 1 Single Dock USB3.0 k2.48840.0
 1 EVF Extension VEB-1 K2.72000.0
1 Short EVF Cable K2.72012.0
 1 Long EVF Cable K2.72013.0
1 Shoulder pad SP-4 K2.72083.0
 1 V-Mount Battery Plate K2.72010.0
 1 Wedge Adapter WA-1 K2.72002.0
 1 Bridge Plate Adapter BPA-1 K2.66172.0
1 Leveling Block LB-1 K2.72017.0
Alexa Ethernet/RJ-45 Cable K2.72021.0
 1 Arri Alexa Case K2.72030.0
High Speed License/ Anamorphic /Open Gate