Flanders DM250 for sale

Floris van der Lee

I'm selling my Flanders DM250 because I want to downgrade to a more travel friendly 17'' monitor .
I bought the monitor in 2016 and have used it approx. 500 > 700 hours .
There are some paint scratches at the rear of the monitor near the vesa mount , and my name is written in paint on the rear of the monitor (removable with solvent).
The front panel is clean and has no damage or scratches , I've always used a screen protector .
It comes with the FSI 24" bag with build in hood , Hoodman hood, vesa>baby pin mount and v-lock plate.
On the Fsi bag my name is also in spray paint ( not easy to remove I think) .
The monitor has been calibrated by Flanders in April 2018.
Here's a link to pictures of the monitor :
Price €12.000,- ex shipping from Amsterdam, the Netherlands
You can contact me at florisvanderlee@...