New LSI Logic MegaRAID 9240-8i 8-port SAS SATA RAID Controller with two interface cables

Bob Kertesz

Bought this LSI 9240-8i RAID controller new, but never deployed it. Needs a real PCIe x8 slot to work correctly - not just x8 (or x16) in size, but a slot that supports 8 lanes of data. Drivers, manual available online.

This sale includes TWO of the genuine AMPHENOL multi-lane cables that connect the controller`s two SFF-8087 Multi-lane connectors to four SATA drives each, so connections for 8 drives.

RAID 0 together eight SSDs, and make that benchmark program break out in a sweat measuring your transfer speed!

$100 shipped in continental U.S. No International shipping, sorry...the paperwork is brutal.

PayPal for payment, or the ever popular cash with local pickup available in Los Angeles.

Please communicate directly to bob@... if you're interested or have questions - no sense in clogging up the list.

If Mr. Boyle ever answers my email regarding the proper PayPal address to which contributions are to be sent, one will be if this sells as a result of this post.


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