Selling Movcam F55 cage and L'Aigle Exoskeleton

Jonathon Sendall

Selling Movcam F5 and F55 cage and base dovetail plate. Purchased for over £1000. Selling for £600. Open to offers

Selling L'Aigle Exoskeleton.

L’Aigle Exoskeleton. Used condition. Mark1 version. £850

Works very well with gimbals. I’ve flown heavy camera set ups wit this, large lenses and live transmission units. Once was at the side of a football match, four hour stint and did not suffer one muscle ache from it. Almost zero learning curve. Just set up and put on and you’re away. Has not seen much use lately hence the sale. Comes with its own specially made box. Some behind the scenes use on BBC series “Luther”.

Another video demoing it’s usage in tight spaces.

This can also be used for very quick handheld work. It somewhat fits in the space between steadicam and shoulder rig work. If used without a gimbal then the look of the footage is steadier than handheld and tougher than gimbal. It works in terms of drama where the energy of a scene is slightly edgy rather than smooth with a gimbal or frantic/kinetic totally handheld. Not easy to describe really. For doc or tv work it’s a gift for doing long shots with no rest.

Bought originally for £2000. If your not based in London then shipping will be added on top.

Please come and check out items if you want. I'm in Seven Sisters, Tottenham