Super Baltars and Schneider Full Frame Lens Sets for Sale

Stephen Allanson

We are selling the following two sets of lenses:
Super Baltars, excellent condition and ready to Shoot with.
Set Comprises of 20mm, 25mm, 35mm, 50mm, 75mm.
All Lenses have PL Mounts and 110mm front ends on them.
Well Priced @ US$45000.00

Schneider FF Lens Set with PL mounts and EF Mounts:
18mm, 25mm,35mm,50mm,75mm,100mm
Excellent Condition, Very Little use, 18mm is Brand New.

If Both Sets are purchased together, total price is US$60000.00
For seriously interested buyers, Lenses can be sent to an appropriate and well known rental facility in your city for an appraisal. Freight costs to be negotiated depending on final sale outcome.
For Photographs, visit
Steve Allanson
Auckland, New Zealand

Stephen Allanson

Please email me for photos of the Schneiders if need be. The website is non-operational for the time being.