Uninterruptible power supplies - revised

Bob Kertesz

I have three pre-owned (it's the new 'used') Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS's) available.
None come with batteries
- you'll have to buy some and install them (an easy procedure).
Batteries are available from Amazon, eBay, or directly from other local or web sources.
Don't buy them from APC - very expensive from them.


One SmartUPS 700, good for 700VA, or about 450 watts. This takes two 12volt 7AH lead acid batteries to run.


Two  SmartUPS 400's, good for 400VA or about 250 watts. These take four 6 volt 5AH lead acid batteries to run.


Unlike less expensive versions, the APC SmartUPS line are not 'switchover' devices that kick in when there's a problem with the power - they are online full time, and will take care of overvoltage, undervoltage, and of course no voltage. Runtime, as always, varies with load amount and remaining battery capacity.

Serial port control if you want unattended controlled shutdown of your machine, with free PowerChute Business Edition software available on the APC site. Or you can just just plug your stuff into the UPS and shut things down yourself when the power fails.

These things are heavy, and I don't want to ship them, but will if you're willing to pay for that, I will. They are available for pickup in Los Angeles/Hollywood.

SmartUPS 700: $50. Remember, this does not include batteries.

SmartUPS 400's: $50 each, or both for $90. Remember, this does not include batteries.

Please email me directly at bob@... if interested. No sense in clogging the list with replies. I prefer PayPal payment - you don't have to have an account to pay with it, just a credit card. And of course cash is fine.

A donation will be made to CML if they sell from this ad if Geoff ever responds to my email asking for the email address to which PayPal money should be sent. I've sold a couple of items through CML recently, and that donation money is just burning up my pockets.



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