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Video TX-RX combo for SD video, long range

Video TX-RX combo for SD video, long range


I'm selling my Tecton Vision Link video (and audio) assist Tx/Rx units with various antennae for different needs. It is NOT HD, but with so many 16mm and 35mm productions now there is a new need for long range, high quality transmitters and receivers. This one is 12-24v, 1.2-1.45 Ghz (set at 1.28) and I've used it up to 1 mile line of sight with a clear picture. It can be wired to also transmit sound. It comes in it's own Halliburton Aluminum case with all of the cables, butterfly and candlestick and stub antennae. The body is made of cast metal. The receiver is 110-240v AC or 12-24v battery powered. This package includes a custom Helical antenna tuned especially for this unit by Wolf Seeburg Video of L.A. This antenna is best for long range and tracking reception of a wide range moving camera.
The Vision Link system is located in Los Angeles and shipping will be considered. A contribution of the sale will be made to CML.
I'm asking $1000 OBO.
Roberto Schaefer, asc,aic
Venice, California